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Everyone will agree that there is always a possibility of an attack on the streets or in a parking lot or in a park itself. Anyone could become a victim of the attack. These could be for mugging or for other reasons. Women especially are more likely to get attacked. There are many types of self defence weapons available to protect yourself.

Are we prepared for such an attack? Of course, we know that these will be surprise attacks. Do we have any way of escaping from such criminals? Is there any way other than carrying a gun with us, to escape from such attacks? Luckily there are many types of self defence weapons which are available in the market and can be used without a license.

Safety First Sign

Anyone Could Attack You

You can carry many types of self defence weapons, but you should be on alert all the time and have the presence of mind to use these weapons. You should also be prepared to use the weapon irrespective of who the attacker is. This is said because half the time the attacker is a known person especially in the case of women.

But even for men, the attack could come from someone you may not even expect. He or she may not be the creepy kind of person whom you see in the movies. A normal decent looking person could attack you for various reasons. It could just be the color of your skin or the cost of your shirt.

Know Your Weapon

We can see that there are different types of self defence weapons. But the main thing is that you should know how to use it and train to use if fast. Speed is of the essence when it comes to defending yourself. You should know how your weapon works. You should also know how not to let your opponent grab the weapon and use it on you. That could become even more dangerous. Know the mechanisms and know how to use them quickly.

Keep The Weapon Accessible

Keeping your weapon somewhere deep inside your handbag is not going to help you. Keep it where you can take it from easily. And always remember where you have kept the weapon. Most of the types of self defence weapons can be easily kept in your pocket or even kept inside your palms. Your escaping unhurt depends on how fast you retrieve the weapon and use it.