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As the number of attacks on women increases day by day there is more need for women to protect themselves. Violent sexual assaults are rising in every city of the world. There seems to be a situation where women are not safe anywhere. You don’t know when you will be attacked.

If your first thought is to buy a gun, then stop that thought. Guns are not useful so close to the attacker. Secondly, it can be easily snatched from you by the opponent and used against you. Many states have strict rules about carrying a gun. You can’t keep it safe at home because anybody could misuse it.

You should think of the best self defence items for a handbag. These things should fit into your handbag and be not easily identifiable. Let us see some of those which will be useful if you are attacked by someone.

Tactical Knife

A folding tactical knife is not the same as your garden knife in that this one is concealed into any of your daily objects like your hairbrush or pen. The blade lies hidden inside. These will fit into your handbag and so you can carry it anywhere and keep it near you always. These knives are useful in close combat because you can use them with precision. They do enough to inflict pain so that your attacker lets you go. Some of them even can be clipped to your belt or cloth.

Pepper Spray

One of the best self defence items for a handbag, this is being sold a lot. Recently the effectiveness of this defence object has increased very much. The range of many of these sprays has gone up from 12 feet to around 18 feet which means you don’t have to get too close to your opponent. Most of these sprays have enough for around 20 shots. They come in different camouflaged packs like lipstick etc. The pepper sprays usually have a life of around 3-4 years which means it will stay for a long time even if you don’t use it.


Better than the stun gun because it manages to shut down the nervous system completely other than causing pain, this one has become very common. Though expensive, it is one of the most effective defence items. It has a range of around 10-12 feet which makes it effective even at a distance.

We have seen some of the best self defence items for a handbag. Care must be taken when using these and you must know how to use them in an emergency.

Whether it is for the purpose of self-defence or as a sport, if you are going to fire a gun you should practice enough to always hit the target. As with everything else practice is what makes you perfect. You need to practice daily so that you become a master at handling the gun.

Most of the times it is your action that makes the gun miss the target. You may take the aim correctly but while pressing the trigger the gun might dip or move and miss the target. You have to learn how to improve your aim with a gun. There are certain tips that experts share, that could make a lot of difference in your shooting.

  1. Shoot Slowly

Most of the times you miss a shot when you are in a hurry to shoot. You may want to shoot fast, but that is what is going to make you miss your target. Shooting at a faster pace will make you lose accuracy. When you are learning how to improve your aim with a gun, start shooting slowly. Once you have practiced enough with slow shooting then you can go for faster shooting.

  1. Dry Fire Practice

Nothing helps you like practice does when you think how to improve your aim with a gun. Do a lot of dry fire practice. This is not a very exciting activity, but it saves on costly ammo. Before you start your practice ensure that the gun is unloaded. Every time you start your practice it is a must that you check whether it is unloaded. There is never a question of being over cautious. Safety comes first.

  1. Surprise Break

When you press the trigger, your pressure should be equal and gradual till the hammer falls and you get a surprise. This is called the surprise break. This kind of action is very important. If you cannot achieve this, the bullet is likely to miss the target.

  1. Alignment Of Sights

It is very important to get both the sights aligned. The tip of the front sight should be in the center of the aperture in the rear both vertically and horizontally. This is an important exercise in how to improve your aim with a gun. As the eye can only focus on one object clearly, we need to keep the front sight in focus and the rear sight aperture can be blurred. This is the way to get the correct aim.