When you have honed your gun shooting accuracy to a satisfactory level, that you now want to try some serious hunting game, then you would be in search of some good hunting ground. Here are some nice hunting grounds discussed which are good in many respects like accessibility, availability of the wild animals, permission and license making, economy and all.

Northern Saskatchewan Black Bear

You can access this hunting ground by a boat or a plane. Here are lots of black bears, and you would spot some for targeting which are old enough and would rather die of old age soon. You would also get giant boars. The best choice here is the black bears. June is the best time to hunt here. The route is through Saskatoon by flight, and then via floatplanes, boat or vehicles for the rest of the journey. Hunting licenses are available by going through outfitters.

Kodiak Island Blacktails

Although the Kodiak Island is one of the places to spot the world’s largest brown bears, yet the fun and excitement of spotting and hunting the blacktail deer is above all here. Roaming about the place in a boat is safest to keep distance from bears and have a dry sleeping ground. Transport through small planes and boats may feel clumsy but you have little choice here. License for hunting is available over the counter and online.

Velvet Wonder Ground

The best hunts here are heavy weight muleys and velvet antlers. The best time to go is September. The whole region is dominated by large grasslands, crop fields, and you may get some bucks to shoot easily. For license in Alberta you would need an outfitter.

Idaho Spring Bears

In the Rocky Mountains, Idaho is a great place to spot black bears and brown bears too. April to June is the best time for bear spotting. They eat grass at this time of the year, and they can be easily targeted. Licenses are available by outfitters, and you may take up to two bears.

Wyoming Pronghorns

In Wyoming, the population of antelopes is more than humans. Hence spotting and stalking one is not challenge and rather fun. You would get guides here. You may use public grounds for hunting, and also go to private grounds by paying a small fee or taking permissions. There are outfitters available although you can pretty well go for DIY hunting here.

Guns can be related to terror and crime, and again guns can be related to self defense and safety. It’s on you how you use the firearm. And if you are a common man and a harmless civilian, just keen to protect yourself in any odd and difficult situation then you can keep a firearm or gun for your safety, as long as you possess the right to keep one and have the license. While in Texas, you can enjoy some nice flexibility in the laws regarding possession and acquiring of guns. And the gun safe requirements for Texas are quite easy to follow too.

hand gun

The basic gun safe requirements for purchasing guns

Once you are 18 or above in Texas, you are eligible to possess a gun. All you need is to pass the background check, which inspects your family and legal records etc to make sure that you are a normal harmless civilian. This is for buying a normal gun. For handgun the rules say that you will have to be 21 years old to buy one.

In fact Texas residents don’t not need a license to buy a gun. Anyone can buy a gun above those age limits, unless the person is prohibited by the law for some special reasons. This means buying firearms and ammunitions accessories for guns, gun reloading items, all can be bought freely in Texas without a license if the record of the buyer is clean.

Requirements for carrying a gun

To carry a gun in Texas, once again no license is required. However this is different for handguns. You need a permit to carry a handgun. After a legislature passed in 2015, now handguns can be freely carried and openly showed by handgun owners in the state who have the relevant permit for this.

Where to keep or store the gun

If you are a gun owner in Texas, you are free to store the gun at your home, or in your car or vehicle, or in your office or workplace, or you may carry it wherever you go. You have total freedom and flexibility in keeping and carrying a gun. But with possessing a firearm you have to be responsible towards its storage, carriage, and use too. You cannot make the defense item an object of terror for the public by carrying or using it in a vulnerable way causing threat to the common man. Hence the whole matter needs responsible and mature handling with compassion on your part as the gun owner.

Before you try your hands on real life situations it’s best to make some good practice on a target board. And this is the secret to increasing shooting accuracy. Practicing shooting, whatever gun or firearm you are using, on a target, is the best way to increase shooting accuracy over time.

There are some safety basics which you must follow for best practices. They are:

  • Assuming that a gun is unloaded can be a stupidity and lead to accidents. Hence, never do so and always double check.
  • Load a gun only after ensuring that the muzzle is pointed towards a safe side.
  • Only put finger on the trigger guard when you are really ready to shoot finally.
  • Before going downrange, always unload the gun and rest it on a rack or bench that is safe.

Learning the shooting positions and gun types

  • First you must learn about the various shooting positions. You can take the help of the internet or some guide book to learn so. There are almost 25 positions. After studying them closely you would also realize with time that some skills and styles are common to a few positions. And this will help you become more comfortable with shooting.
  • Similarly gaining knowledge about the various types of guns is also very important. When you know how to handle the different types of guns, their make, handling, weight, handling style etc, then you can undoubtedly become much experienced as a shooter.
  • Aligning the gun right, keeping the body relaxed with muscles easy and flexible, and yet taking a strong and fixed stance where the body is really fixed in an angle, and does not quiver or shake as you shoot, makes the shooting accurate. You will have to understand the importance of elbow placement, knee locking, and various such skills, so that you can lock certain positions without making the whole body stiff and clumsy.
  • Some tips like always keeping the body ahead of the hip, avoiding leaning back while shooting, keeping shoulders relaxed and easy while holding the gun, unlocking the body muscles for the relaxed state, are all much important for shooting accurately.

A jerky shaky shot with nervous hands, inaccurate posture and faulty gun holding style will land the shot elsewhere while you will receive deep impact from the recoil. To avoid this, and rather make yourself steady that you trigger every shot with absolute steadiness and accuracy target practice is the best. Practice more and more while reading a guide on positions and gun handling styles for the best results.

As the number of attacks on women increases day by day there is more need for women to protect themselves. Violent sexual assaults are rising in every city of the world. There seems to be a situation where women are not safe anywhere. You don’t know when you will be attacked.

If your first thought is to buy a gun, then stop that thought. Guns are not useful so close to the attacker. Secondly, it can be easily snatched from you by the opponent and used against you. Many states have strict rules about carrying a gun. You can’t keep it safe at home because anybody could misuse it.

You should think of the best self defence items for a handbag. These things should fit into your handbag and be not easily identifiable. Let us see some of those which will be useful if you are attacked by someone.

Tactical Knife

A tactical knife is not the same as your garden knife in that this one is concealed into any of your daily objects like your hairbrush or pen. The blade lies hidden inside. These will fit into your handbag and so you can carry it anywhere and keep it near you always. These knives are useful in close combat because you can use them with precision. They do enough to inflict pain so that your attacker lets you go. Some of them even can be clipped to your belt or cloth.

Pepper Spray

One of the best self defence items for a handbag, this is being sold a lot. Recently the effectiveness of this defence object has increased very much. The range of many of these sprays has gone up from 12 feet to around 18 feet which means you don’t have to get too close to your opponent. Most of these sprays have enough for around 20 shots. They come in different camouflaged packs like lipstick etc. The pepper sprays usually have a life of around 3-4 years which means it will stay for a long time even if you don’t use it.


Better than the stun gun because it manages to shut down the nervous system completely other than causing pain, this one has become very common. Though expensive, it is one of the most effective defence items. It has a range of around 10-12 feet which makes it effective even at a distance.

We have seen some of the best self defence items for a handbag. Care must be taken when using these and you must know how to use them in an emergency.