Wildlife paintings provide certain artistic value for some people. Talking about the creation, we cannot disregard the creator. There are many British wildlife artists who make great work. If you want to learn about wildlife creator, you can take inspiration from them. At this time, I want to talk about some artists who are well known for amazing wildlife creation. Who are they? Keep reading and find out interesting information about them.

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Cath Hodsman

She is an artist and illustrator who gets excitement in painting insects. She always tries to make 100% anatomical precision for each artistic study. She pays attention to the hidden beauty of each insect. She is well known for unique insect painting courses. She has taught many artistic illustrations. Cath is one of British wildlife artists who also runs Children’s insect arts and crafts session. There are both children and adults’ events that mix painting and craft in order to create special look.

The secret world of insects can be presented into wonderful art with the assistance of Cath. In order to create beautiful and detailed works of art, Cath uses a range of samples with highpowered microscopes. She does everything carefully. She pays attention to each detail of the insect by using the microscope.

Cath also shares her knowledge by making microscopic art tutorials. Her tutorial is used by relevant organizations to further knowledge in the field. Cath’s work is also used to elevate funds for the community. Cath is a member of some communities, like Glos’ Wildlife Trust, Butterfly Conservation, and others. She has been engaged in many conservation projects, such as saving significantly rare beetles in Slovenia, founding 7,000 square miles of sanctuary for Scottish wildcat in Scotland, and saving endangered British fauna and flora.

Jackie Garner

He is one of British wildlife artists who paint wildlife locally and internationally. He has been inspired by visiting many places around the world. He has visited Egypt, India, Spain, Africa, North America, Arctic, Antarctica, and the Falkland Islands. He has made several exhibitions. He also publishes many limited and open editions of wildlife artwork. His work has been replicated on several wildlife art postage stamps. He has been hired for a variety of wildlife projects. In order to make the artwork, he commonly begins with understanding wildlife in its environment. The sketch is commonly created in front of the subject. He often makes the sketches outdoor. Then, he will do the rest in the studio.

Jackie was born in Accrington, Lancashire in 1954. He lives with his wife and children in Isle of Man. He has one wife and two children. He graduated from the University of Liverpool, UK with the major field study in Marine Biology. Before being a professional Wildlife artist, he was successful in marine biology. He has many achievements regarding wildlife, including chosen as Artist for conservation showcase exhibition in 2010. In 2007, a book about his bird painting was produced. He is one of British wildlife artists who is requested to set private exhibitions for the visit of the King and Queen of Norway.