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Every machine needs to be cleaned periodically for efficient functioning. Moving parts accumulate dust and dirt making them less efficient. A gun, in particular, tends to have more dust inside due to the small explosion that takes place every time you fire it. There is residue left inside the barrel every time you fire the gun. It is better to take time to clean the gun thoroughly after every use. Let us see how to clean a gun at home.

Unload And Remove Bolt

This is the first step before you clean your gun. You should open the action and ensure that the gun is unloaded. Read the user manual and understand how far you can disassemble the gun. Remove the clips or magazine. Brush with solvent and clean it. Dry off and lube the bold lightly. The extractor or ejectors should also be brushed well. This is the first step on how to clean a gun at home.

Swab The Bore

Soak the bronze brush in a gun solvent. Run the cleaning with the bronze brush through the barrel starting from the chamber and moving towards the muzzle. The brush should come out of the muzzle. You should repeat the process 3 to 4 times to remove all the dirt. Let the gun sit that way for about 15 minutes. This will loosen the bullet jacket material, lead and powder fowling.

Scrub Bore

After the solvent soak is over you should run the solvent soaked brush through the barrel many times till all the dirt is gone. Some people will suggest that you don’t bring the brush back through the barrel but must unscrew it when it has come out of the muzzle. You must do this every time. This will make a difference in accuracy. If you are using the gun for law enforcement or security this action is worth doing. Even if you are a target shooter this will help. How to clean a gun at this stage is left to your choice.

The next step is to run a cloth patch through the barrel. In this case, you should necessarily remove the patch at the muzzle and attach a fresh one before you bring it back. Repeat this process till the patch comes out clean.

After all this is done, lubricate the metal parts with a little oil. This is how to clean a gun at home. You should also check whether everything is working fine once you have finished the cleaning.

Whether it is for the purpose of self-defence or as a sport, if you are going to fire a gun you should practice enough to always hit the target. As with everything else practice is what makes you perfect. You need to practice daily so that you become a master at handling the gun.

Most of the times it is your action that makes the gun miss the target. You may take the aim correctly but while pressing the trigger the gun might dip or move and miss the target. You have to learn how to improve your aim with a gun. There are certain tips that experts share, that could make a lot of difference in your shooting.

  1. Shoot Slowly

Most of the times you miss a shot when you are in a hurry to shoot. You may want to shoot fast, but that is what is going to make you miss your target. Shooting at a faster pace will make you lose accuracy. When you are learning how to improve your aim with a gun, start shooting slowly. Once you have practiced enough with slow shooting then you can go for faster shooting.

  1. Dry Fire Practice

Nothing helps you like practice does when you think how to improve your aim with a gun. Do a lot of dry fire practice. This is not a very exciting activity, but it saves on costly ammo. Before you start your practice ensure that the gun is unloaded. Every time you start your practice it is a must that you check whether it is unloaded. There is never a question of being over cautious. Safety comes first.

  1. Surprise Break

When you press the trigger, your pressure should be equal and gradual till the hammer falls and you get a surprise. This is called the surprise break. This kind of action is very important. If you cannot achieve this, the bullet is likely to miss the target.

  1. Alignment Of Sights

It is very important to get both the sights aligned. The tip of the front sight should be in the center of the aperture in the rear both vertically and horizontally. This is an important exercise in how to improve your aim with a gun. As the eye can only focus on one object clearly, we need to keep the front sight in focus and the rear sight aperture can be blurred. This is the way to get the correct aim.