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Cleaning and maintenance of a gun is one of the things every gun owner must learn to keep the pricey firearm stay in good workable condition for long. Cleaning a gun requires a few tools that you should keep handy.

Tools needed to clean a gun

  • Cotton swab
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Nylon brush
  • Bore brush
  • Flashlight
  • Cleaner solvent
  • Gun oil

How to clean a gun

The following steps will tell you the method to clean a gun in general:

  • You have to unload the gun first
  • There will always be recommendations and instructions from the gun manufacturer about disassembling the gun part by part. Follow those to disassemble only as recommended and not further beyond that.
  • Choose an area that has a nice air circulation and open air, and choose a platform to keep the gun parts which will be covered by old newspapers or towels etc to avoid stains from dirt or fumes from the solvent.
  • Cleaning patches and rods are used to clean the gun barrel. A cotton swab fitted on the rod is good to clean the insides of the barrel. For extra protection you can use a muzzle guard.
  • The barrel must be scrubbed well by alternating the patches and the bore brush.
  • Next you must coat the insides of the bore using the gun oil or lubricant. This you can apply by a cotton swab soaked in the oil which you can insert using the gun cleaning kit rod.
  • Next you must coat the gun on all parts with the cleaning solvent to dissolve the dirt, which you can wipe off using a fresh clean cloth.
  • A microfiber cloth is next used to wipe and clean the gun nicely.

For a long life of the gun

You must also follow the tips here to maintain the gun at the best condition:

  • After using the gun every time, you must clean it before storing.
  • A barrel snake, preferably with a  flashlight in front of it is a better tool for advanced gun cleaning, and you may get one for long term gun maintenance in a hassle free way.
  • A gun should ideally be stored in a cool and dry gun safe. There are gun boxes to keep guns safely.

Actually when you fire a gun there happen a small explosion in the gun chamber every time. And this leaves micro particles as residue inside the gun chamber which must be cleaned periodically to maintain the gun in best conditions for long hence you must maintain and clean it well.

There are some safe positions to carry firearms, which you should know as the owner. Owning a firearm is just the beginning of taking the responsibility. Next comes your understanding of how to carry the firearm such that it never becomes a threat to the mankind or animals etc. It should not bring in feelings of terror by the way you hold or handle it. And hence, it’s necessary that you understand the safest firearm holding and carrying techniques while you are in a public place.

The firearm holding basics

  • Ensure that the safety lock is on
  • Your finger must be off or away from the trigger guard
  • The muzzle of the firearm should be pointed in a direction that’s safe
  • Do not load the gun until you need to fire it
  • Where the best gun hearing protection.

The firearm carrying safe positions

  • When there is none at your front, then you can carry the firearm at your side on your elbow.
  • You can carry the gun as a sling on your shoulder while you keep it straight and supported against your body in a vertical position.
  • Simply holding the gun in the middle while the muzzle is pointed below is a good way to carry.
  • Holding the gun with both hands while the muzzle is pointed at an angle diagonal to your shoulder is a smart and safe position.
  • You may just use one hand and elbow to hold the gun at front diagonal against the shoulder as you would cradle a baby.
  • You may simple rest the gun at an angle on one shoulder the muzzle diagonally facing up behind you against the ground.

While the positions described above are good for a big gun or firearm, there are some other tips for carrying a loaded handgun, which also you should know.

Safe positions for a loaded handgun

There are a few things to keep in mind for carrying a handgun safely.

  • Keep the gun protected
  • Use a good belt and holster to carry the gun compact and safe against your body.
  • Do not hold and touch the gun unnecessarily unless required. Avoid taking in hand frequently.

Also you must keep the gun away from kids and children and also should not place it in hands who never handled one. These safety guidelines would always keep you and people around you protected from any unintentional misuse of the firearm or any accident.

The most popular guns across the common categories of air rifles, muzzleloaders, revolvers, shotguns and pistols, which are the best sellers and have won public loyalty are discussed here. Residents in the U.S have the right to keep guns for their safety and self defense. And these 5 guns discussed here are the top craze here for all the right reasons.

  • The Thompson muzzleloaders

The Thompson/Center Arms company has been manufacturing muzzleloaders and their accessories. Among all the models the Encore 209 x 0.5 Magnum is considered to be the most popular. With this model, the muzzle velocity is 2203 feet through a 26 inch barrel. The stopping power for this is 200 yards.

  • Remington 870 Shotgun

The Shotgun with model 870 was manufactured by Remington in the year 1950. This model has sold almost more than 10 million and yet till date it continues to be one of the most popular. The steel receiver of the gun is a strong part and a nice feature.

  • Bushmaster AR-15 Semiautomatic Rifle

The Bushmaster AR-15 has a 20 inch barrel and the Predator 5.56 mm accepts a magazine which takes 5 rounds. This rifle was used for hunting and till date it’s preferred by hunters for its accuracy. But the AR-15 models of other makers like Stag Arms and DPMS Firearms are also good for competition with Bushmaster.

  • Smith and Wesson Revolver Model 10

This model is one of the best by the manufacturer since 1899. The revolver fires through 4 inch barrel, and delivers 38 rounds of calibers. Smith and Wesson also has small models in the name of J-frame revolvers, among which the Model 36 became specially popular as Chefs Special in the 1950.

  • Colt M1911

This model is more known as the first popular handgun. The pistol came with a detachable box style magazine containing 7 rounds. It has been in use in the U.S Army since 1911 and continued till 1990 until it got replaced by the Beretta.

Concluding notes

The history of guns and rifles, pistols and revolvers in the U.S and also globally is quite old, and these weapons are being manufactured for several years and rather decades. Many new models came and are still being made. But the special make, style, user comfort and accuracy which came with these models are still remembered till date, thus making them the preferred popular models for use in the U.S.

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When you have honed your gun shooting accuracy to a satisfactory level, that you now want to try some serious hunting game, then you would be in search of some good hunting ground. Here are some nice hunting grounds discussed which are good in many respects like accessibility, availability of the wild animals, permission and license making, economy and all.

Northern Saskatchewan Black Bear

You can access this hunting ground by a boat or a plane. Here are lots of black bears, and you would spot some for targeting which are old enough and would rather die of old age soon. You would also get giant boars. The best choice here is the black bears. June is the best time to hunt here. The route is through Saskatoon by flight, and then via floatplanes, boat or vehicles for the rest of the journey. Hunting licenses are available by going through outfitters.

Kodiak Island Blacktails

Although the Kodiak Island is one of the places to spot the world’s largest brown bears, yet the fun and excitement of spotting and hunting the blacktail deer is above all here. Roaming about the place in a boat is safest to keep distance from bears and have a dry sleeping ground. Transport through small planes and boats may feel clumsy but you have little choice here. License for hunting is available over the counter and online.

Velvet Wonder Ground

The best hunts here are heavy weight muleys and velvet antlers. The best time to go is September. The whole region is dominated by large grasslands, crop fields, and you may get some bucks to shoot easily. For license in Alberta you would need an outfitter.

Idaho Spring Bears

In the Rocky Mountains, Idaho is a great place to spot black bears and brown bears too. April to June is the best time for bear spotting. They eat grass at this time of the year, and they can be easily targeted. Licenses are available by outfitters, and you may take up to two bears.

Wyoming Pronghorns

In Wyoming, the population of antelopes is more than humans. Hence spotting and stalking one is not challenge and rather fun. You would get guides here. You may use public grounds for hunting, and also go to private grounds by paying a small fee or taking permissions. There are outfitters available although you can pretty well go for DIY hunting here.