Everyone will agree that there is always a possibility of an attack on the streets or in a parking lot or in a park itself. Anyone could become a victim of the attack. These could be for mugging or for other reasons. Women especially are more likely to get attacked. There are many types of self defence weapons available to protect yourself.

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Are we prepared for such an attack? Of course, we know that these will be surprise attacks. Do we have any way of escaping from such criminals? Is there any way other than carrying a gun with us, to escape from such attacks? Luckily there are many types of self defence weapons which are available in the market and can be used without a license.

Safety First Sign

Anyone Could Attack You

You can carry many types of self defence weapons, but you should be on alert all the time and have the presence of mind to use these weapons. You should also be prepared to use the weapon irrespective of who the attacker is. This is said because half the time the attacker is a known person especially in the case of women.

But even for men, the attack could come from someone you may not even expect. He or she may not be the creepy kind of person whom you see in the movies. A normal decent looking person could attack you for various reasons. It could just be the color of your skin or the cost of your shirt.

Know Your Weapon

We can see that there are different types of self defence weapons. But the main thing is that you should know how to use it and train to use if fast. Speed is of the essence when it comes to defending yourself. You should know how your weapon works. You should also know how not to let your opponent grab the weapon and use it on you. That could become even more dangerous. Know the mechanisms and know how to use them quickly.

Keep The Weapon Accessible

Keeping your weapon somewhere deep inside your handbag is not going to help you. Keep it where you can take it from easily. And always remember where you have kept the weapon. Most of the types of self defence weapons can be easily kept in your pocket or even kept inside your palms. Your escaping unhurt depends on how fast you retrieve the weapon and use it.

There are some safe positions to carry firearms, which you should know as the owner. Owning a firearm is just the beginning of taking the responsibility. Next comes your understanding of how to carry the firearm such that it never becomes a threat to the mankind or animals etc. It should not bring in feelings of terror by the way you hold or handle it. And hence, it’s necessary that you understand the safest firearm holding and carrying techniques while you are in a public place.

The firearm holding basics

  • Ensure that the safety lock is on
  • Your finger must be off or away from the trigger guard
  • The muzzle of the firearm should be pointed in a direction that’s safe
  • Do not load the gun until you need to fire it
  • Where the best gun hearing protection.

The firearm carrying safe positions

  • When there is none at your front, then you can carry the firearm at your side on your elbow.
  • You can carry the gun as a sling on your shoulder while you keep it straight and supported against your body in a vertical position.
  • Simply holding the gun in the middle while the muzzle is pointed below is a good way to carry.
  • Holding the gun with both hands while the muzzle is pointed at an angle diagonal to your shoulder is a smart and safe position.
  • You may just use one hand and elbow to hold the gun at front diagonal against the shoulder as you would cradle a baby.
  • You may simple rest the gun at an angle on one shoulder the muzzle diagonally facing up behind you against the ground.

While the positions described above are good for a big gun or firearm, there are some other tips for carrying a loaded handgun, which also you should know.

Safe positions for a loaded handgun

There are a few things to keep in mind for carrying a handgun safely.

  • Keep the gun protected
  • Use a good belt and holster to carry the gun compact and safe against your body.
  • Do not hold and touch the gun unnecessarily unless required. Avoid taking in hand frequently.

Also you must keep the gun away from kids and children and also should not place it in hands who never handled one. These safety guidelines would always keep you and people around you protected from any unintentional misuse of the firearm or any accident.

Guns can be related to terror and crime, and again guns can be related to self defense and safety. It’s on you how you use the firearm. And if you are a common man and a harmless civilian, just keen to protect yourself in any odd and difficult situation then you can keep a firearm or gun for your safety, as long as you possess the right to keep one and have the license. While in Texas, you can enjoy some nice flexibility in the laws regarding possession and acquiring of guns. And the gun safe requirements for Texas are quite easy to follow too.

hand gun

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The basic gun safe requirements for purchasing guns

Once you are 18 or above in Texas, you are eligible to possess a gun. All you need is to pass the background check, which inspects your family and legal records etc to make sure that you are a normal harmless civilian. This is for buying a normal gun. For handgun the rules say that you will have to be 21 years old to buy one.

In fact Texas residents don’t not need a license to buy a gun. Anyone can buy a gun above those age limits, unless the person is prohibited by the law for some special reasons. This means buying firearms and ammunitions accessories for guns, gun reloading items, all can be bought freely in Texas without a license if the record of the buyer is clean.

Requirements for carrying a gun

To carry a gun in Texas, once again no license is required. However this is different for handguns. You need a permit to carry a handgun. After a legislature passed in 2015, now handguns can be freely carried and openly showed by handgun owners in the state who have the relevant permit for this.

Where to keep or store the gun

If you are a gun owner in Texas, you are free to store the gun at your home, or in your car or vehicle, or in your office or workplace, or you may carry it wherever you go. You have total freedom and flexibility in keeping and carrying a gun. But with possessing a firearm you have to be responsible towards its storage, carriage, use and maintenance thus we highly recommend taking care of your gun by cleaning and regularly oiling your gun, for more information please visit www.thegunsafes.net/best-gun-oil. You cannot make the defense item an object of terror for the public by carrying or using it in a vulnerable way causing threat to the common man. Hence the whole matter needs responsible and mature handling with compassion on your part as the gun owner.

Cleaning and maintenance of a gun is one of the things every gun owner must learn to keep the pricey firearm stay in good workable condition for long. Cleaning a gun requires a few tools that you should keep handy.

Tools needed to clean a gun

  • Cotton swab
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Nylon brush
  • Bore brush
  • Flashlight
  • Cleaner solvent
  • Gun oil

How to clean a gun

The following steps will tell you the method to clean a gun in general:

  • You have to unload the gun first
  • There will always be recommendations and instructions from the gun manufacturer about disassembling the gun part by part. Follow those to disassemble only as recommended and not further beyond that.
  • Choose an area that has a nice air circulation and open air, and choose a platform to keep the gun parts which will be covered by old newspapers or towels etc to avoid stains from dirt or fumes from the solvent.
  • Cleaning patches and rods are used to clean the gun barrel. A cotton swab fitted on the rod is good to clean the insides of the barrel. For extra protection you can use a muzzle guard.
  • The barrel must be scrubbed well by alternating the patches and the bore brush.
  • Next you must coat the insides of the bore using the gun oil or lubricant. This you can apply by a cotton swab soaked in the oil which you can insert using the gun cleaning kit rod.
  • Next you must coat the gun on all parts with the cleaning solvent to dissolve the dirt, which you can wipe off using a fresh clean cloth.
  • A microfiber cloth is next used to wipe and clean the gun nicely.

For a long life of the gun

You must also follow the tips here to maintain the gun at the best condition:

  • After using the gun every time, you must clean it before storing.
  • A barrel snake, preferably with a  flashlight in front of it is a better tool for advanced gun cleaning, and you may get one for long term gun maintenance in a hassle free way.
  • A gun should ideally be stored in a cool and dry gun safe. There are gun boxes to keep guns safely.

Actually when you fire a gun there happen a small explosion in the gun chamber every time. And this leaves micro particles as residue inside the gun chamber which must be cleaned periodically to maintain the gun in best conditions for long hence you must maintain and clean it well.